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For one thing, you can save time and money. We don’t farm your work out or hire outside writers. We don’t prolong your production process in order to drive up costs. WriteXpression can happily provide you with prompt progress reports because we work closely and directly with you.

Will You Build My Website?
Website writing is a specialty of ours and we choose words carefully so search engines can find you. We create website content, not web design. We can refer you to graphic artists, including an award-winning designer with whom we have collaborated for three decades.

Which Comes First, Writing or Design?
If your website content is finalized before a designer is called in, your message will be clear, and the graphic artist’s job will be more aligned with your messaging. That said, we’ve also been retained to provide copy for sites already designed. WriteXpression is flexible. We’ll help you any way that we can.

What If I’m Only Making Changes to a Site That’s Already Live?
Revising and updating web content is advisable on a regular basis. It is good for search engine optimization and it helps to keep your customers aware of changes and improvements to your product or service. WriteXpression will edit and focus existing copy, and make additions/improvements as required. We are always careful to keep the copywriting tone consistent with your brand and target market.
How Will You Help Me Succeed?
If you’re selling burlap ties to investment bankers or tax increases to the Republican Party there are limits to what we will be able to do. But if you need to inform and hold a reader’s interest and inspire confidence that you can deliver on your promises, contact us and let’s get started.

I Blog to Promote My Services but Find It Difficult to Keep up.
Can You Help?

Yes. We can copyedit your blog. Or you can provide us with the specific subject and a careful explanation of what you want to say, and we can write your blog for you.

I Am Working on an E-Book on a Tight Deadline. Can You Help Me Get It to My Publisher on Schedule?
Yes. We do text editing. We can help you organize and copyedit your e-book or your paperback or your hardbound book. Alternatively, if you’re confident the copy is very close to what you want to say we can proofread your writing and get it back to you on a deadline.

Do You Do Other Kinds of Writing?
Yes. In addition to developing content for websites, blogs and e-books, we write direct mail and marketing materials, brochures, ads, slogans, corporate mission statements, newsletters, catalogs, user-friendly instructions/manuals, annual reports, feature articles and essays. We have also ghost-written and edited non-fiction books. In short, we write anything you might need.

Do You Offer Editorial Services?
Yes. In addition to original copywriting, we also provide editorial/rewrite services and proofreading.

What Can You Tell Me about My Costs for Your Services?
We will provide you with an estimate once we have fully understood the nature of your project. Our estimates are free. Most writing projects consist of three stages: the initial draft and a second draft, which includes significant changes; a third and final draft fine-tunes and polishes your copy. That said, we are flexible, and open to a variety of working arrangements.

What If I’m on a Tight Deadline?
We always meet the deadlines we agree to accept.
I’m Not in Your Neighborhood. Is That a Problem?
No, in a digital world, technology trumps location. We can talk, email, Skype, and overnight.

You can email us at or call us at 917-656-5523