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At WriteXpression we respect readers and understand their habits. This allows us to speak to the many levels at which people take in information. We help to deliver your message with original phrasing and styling that piques the curiosity of your market. WriteXpression works closely with you to capture your voice, and then brands your product effectively.

WriteXpression is a small team of writers and text editors. Experience has shown us that copywriting needs to make its point quickly. People lead busy lives and digital technology has shortened our attention span. To be effective, of course, commercial writing must do more than explain. It must inspire readers and elicit results.

Understanding that there is a limit to how much information can be absorbed at one time, we introduce your theme briefly and clearly. Then we take a breath and set about expanding: organizing your message step-by-step with an eye to your target market, and making the tone uniquely yours.

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